Friday, 12th- The Cove 6-9

Saturday, 13th- Private Party



Saturday, 3rd- Private Party Martin's West

Friday, 9th- The Cove 6-9



Friday, 9th-   Bear Trap Dunes 6-9



Friday, 13th-   Bear Trap Dunes 6-9

Friday, 27th- Twain’s 5-9



Sat., 5th- Bethany Boathouse 6-10

Sunday, 13th- Coconuts 3-7

Friday, 18th-   Fager's Island 5:30-9:30

Sunday, 20th- Cheshire Crab 3:30-7:30

Sat., 26th-Bayside Pool (private party) 1-4

Sun., 27th- Bethany Boathouse  5-9



Friday, 1st- Fager's Island 5:30-9:30

Saturday, 2nd- Clarion Hotel (Raven Beach Bash) 8-11

Friday, 8th- Bear Trap Dunes 6-9

Saturday, 9th- Coconuts 12-4

Sunday, 10th- Cheshire Crab 3:30-7:30

Friday, 15th- Twain's Tavern 5-9

Saturday, 16 Red Eye's Dock Bar 2-6

Sunday, 17th- Coconuts 4-8

Friday, 22nd- Fager's Island 5-9

Sat. 23rd- Sunridge Pool 4-6 

Sunday, 24th- Bethany Boathouse 5-9

Thurs., 28th- Downtown Silver Spring 12:30-2:30

Sat. 30th- Private Party 3-6 



Friday, 6th- Madfish (formerly Captain's Galley) 5-9 

Saturday, 7th- Coconuts 12-4

Sunday, 8th- Cheshire Crab 3:30-7:30

Saturday, 14- Castaways 1-5

Sunday, 15th- Bethany Boathouse 5-9

Friday, 20th-  Bear Trap Dunes 6-9

Sat. 21st- Sunridge Pool 4-6

Sunday, 22nd- Coconuts 4-8



Friday, 3rd- The Point at Bayside 5-8

Saturday, 4th- Madfish (formerly Captain's Galley) 5-9 

Friday, 10th- Coconuts 5-9

Saturday, 11th- Red Eye's Dock Bar 2-6

Friday, 17th- Bethany Boathouse 5-9

Sunday, 19th- Coconuts 12-3

Sat. 25th- Private Party 1-4 

Sunday 26th- Office Bar and Grill 2-6

Friday, 31st- Twain’s Tavern 5-9



Sat. 1st- Madfish (formerly Captain's Galley) 5-9 

Sunday, 2nd- Coconuts 12-3

Friday, 7th-  Bear Trap Dunes 6-9

Saturday, 8th- Bethany Boathouse 6-10

Sunday, 9th- Cheshire Crab 3:30-7:30

Friday, 14th-   Bear Trap Dunes 6-9

Sat.15th-Madfish (formerly Captain's Galley) 5-9

Friday, 21st-  Bear Trap Dunes 6-9

Saturday, 22nd- Coconuts 12-4

Saturday, 29th- Mezzanotte 8-11



Friday, October 18th-Bear Trap Dunes 6-9

Sat. 27th- Bethany Boathouse 7-11



Friday, 9th- Twain's Tavern 5-9

Friday, 30th- Bear Trap Dunes 6-9



Sat. 15th-  American Legion (Hagerstown) 8:30-11:30